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A to Z Learning Center & Child Care and Preschool insists on the highest ethical standards in conducting its business. Doing the right thing and acting with integrity are two driving forces behind A-Z Childcare’s values. We strive to provide a strong foundation for your child’s mind and behavioral characteristics through building and enforcing good values, work habits, and manners which will help them to excel scholastically and socially.

About Us

Today, it is common and necessary for both parents to work. Sometimes each parent may be required to work a different shift or work from home. In years past, parents could rely on relatives for help. Yet today, most family members are also working and/or unavailable. Also, families are living farther away from each other and cannot lend a helping hand. For whatever the reason, A to Z Child Care and Preschool is here to help!

A to Z Child Care and Preschool exists because parents must work and we feel that we can compliment your efforts as a parent by giving the child structure, perspective, love and understanding. We have a strong desire to help children learn, grow spiritually and mentally; while teaching manners, and focusing on proper behavior. We want them to become great students, but most importantly, wonderful people! We will make sure your child is ready for elementary school!

We empathize with families who don’t have any options for child care. So when parents come to us, we sometimes sense their frustration. We do our best to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with the situation. We understand your situation, and feel we have the best solution.

We know parents love their precious children, but they need to find someone outside their family circle to help care for them while they focus on their own career and goals.

about usOur company exists because of the need for child care outside of the home. Notice that word, “care”. It is a word that includes love, gentleness, watchfulness, concern. Children need care. They need love. Children need gentle adults guiding and teaching them. They need watchful oversight. They need a childcare facility and its staff who are concerned for their safety, health, and development mentally and socially.

A to Z Child Care and Preschool exists to meet the needs parents have for their child. Our management and all employees work together to meet the needs parents have: loving and responsible care for their child while they work.