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Do you offer full and part-time child care?


Do you offer before-and-after school child care?


Which age groups do you care for?

We can enroll children from six weeks old to 12 years old.

Do you provide nutritional meals?

Yes - All our meals are professionally prepared from a caterer. They use nothing but quality ingredients. Always as fresh as possible and no preservatives. We serve 1 snack, breakfast, and lunch. Click here to view a sample menu.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is paid on the Monday of the week in which your child is enrolled and can be paid weekly or bi-weekly.

What is the current child to caregiver ratio (as determined by the Kentucky Division of Childcare Services)?

Age of Children


1 staff for 5 children
1 staff for 6 children
Preschool-age 2 to 3 years
1 staff for 10 children
Preschool-age 3 to 4 years
1 staff for 12 children
Preschool-age 4 to 5 years
1 staff for 14 children
School-age 5 to 7 years
1 staff for 15 children
School-age 7 and older
1 staff for 25 children
(for before and after school)
1 staff for 20 children
(full day of care)

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